High Performance

We use energy-efficient Intel E3 & E5 series processors in all of our services!



Boost your traffic with CloudFlare, available in the InterWorx control panel!


Smart Infrastructure

Dell & SuperMicro are at the core of all our offerings and provide an incredibly reliable & friendly experience for the lifetime of your hosting needs!

Why Choose Us?

Personalized Service

Our experts will give you a personalized experience, ensuring you get the perfect solution.

Technical Experts

It never hurts to ask for help. Stumped with an issue and need help? Contact our experts!

24/7 Technical Support

You'll get an answer from us late at night, even on a Sunday.

Recognizable Quality

We focus on quality answers to your problems. Not satisfied? Escalate to our owner!

Great Pricing

Our prices are competitive, giving you good value and support for your money.


Need more flexibility? We can assess your needs and get you that perfect plan.


EidolonHost licenses all of its products with the respective partners.

We will add license validation checks here as they are developed.

Blesta License Checker